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The Qajaq Book

The Qajaq Book is one of the few writings describing building a skin-on-frame kayak. It encompasses thousands of years old trade, translated into modern terms and images. The book was written for passionate boat builders, supplementing what was written on this subject. However, by comparison to other books, The Qajaq Book treats kayak building as a whole without emphasizing a particular boat from a specific period. Most of its content reflects years of traditional knowledge, but a few novelties also emerged from the author's boat-building experience.
The content is tuned for the possibilities of the European builders, but others can still read the book. It will continuously be updated and re-edited, with new images and some changes in the text too.
The book is filled with expressive pictures, complementing the text, as, after all, an image speaks one thousand words, and the text has some humor in it here and there to avoid the monotony of a winter project. Its price is deliberately kept low to have the book accessible to everybody, especially the young folks who nowadays have forgotten what their hands can do.

You can purchase your copy on Amazon by clicking here.

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