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The Puffin

This boat is a development of the previous frame we created, incorporating some lessons and preferences learned during the previous season.

The dimensions didn’t change much. She still has the same beam and length, as our body’s dimensions didn’t change, but she received a bit more shear, a new bow and stern, to cope better with rough water and the cockpit rim was redesigned to blend into the whole more harmoniously, displaying a double curvature instead of the old flat circle it used to be. The rim is also carbon fiber reinforced.

All in all the new shape is sweeter and more roundish, reminding somehow of a smaller Greenland boat.

Some thought was given to the cockpit ergonomy , improving the padding and putting everything in place before the skinning process, so things can be visualized better.

Deck lines have different attachment points to minimize water ingress and the skin has a different paint scheme, but this is not so important.


Small as she is she can be comfortably paddled at 7km/h, the same as a sea-kayak, or at least this is what the GPS claims. This is due to the carefully studied lines, the slight Swede form of the hull and the general dimensions perfectly matching our bodies. 

Lenght: 3.1m

Max Beam: 60cm

The Puffin
The Puffin
The Puffin
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