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Iris Dinghy

The Iris dinghy

The muse of this project is the Shrike kayak, designed and popularized by Nick and Christopher Crowhurst from CNC Kayaks. Although Iris is not a kayak, her creator hopes she will eventually equal the Shrike in popularity amongst amateur boat builders. Therefore spread the news, enjoy building the boat, and keep the tradition going.

Iris is designed to carry one adult and one child under sail and 3 to 4 lightly built adults when rowing. Her frame is wrapped around lightly made constitutions, as ancient kayaking knowledge was used to dimension her. She superficially resembles the Argie 10, and the Walker Bay 10, but the projects have no connection. Iris was made to be Daddy’s boat and to teach sailing to the kids: a nicer-looking Optimist or a Mirror on steroids.
She can be built from cheap materials, more or less by anyone.
The boat is easy to row empty or fully loaded, stable enough to stand up in it, and, due to the closed spaces within the hull, she is virtually unsinkable (but this doesn’t mean it is comfortable to have it full of water).

Iris Dinghy

She sails nicely under a balanced lug sail, but precautions must be taken in a stronger wind, as the sail is cut to respond well in light air.
She can be used as a tender for bigger yachts, but only on sheltered waters.  

Iris Dinghy




Length: 3m;

Beam (max width): 1.2m (fits on top of almost any car);

Depth to sheer (the distance from the top of the gunwale to the keel): 40cm at the transom and 45cm at the stem

Number of bulkheads: 4

Weight without the rigging: 30kg (subject to the materials used it can be more, it can be less)

Download your full scale building templates in .pdf format here.

Iris bottom panel 

Iris side panel and transom

Iris bulkheads

Download your building manual in English here. 

If you feel like altering the project, you can ask us directly for the .dxf AutoCAD files.

If you feel like translating or improving the manual, get in touch with us, in order to add it to the download package.

Iris Dinghy
Iris Dinghy
Iris Dinghy
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