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Rosnicka and Rosarka



Sometimes we also call them the twins, as they are almost the same. They have been built with a minimum of materials and tools, specifically for slow moving waters and small ponds. They are short boats, with limited carrying capabilities, but capable to generate great fun, when properly used.

They were built mostly outside, in a yard, and we used some old Ikea furniture in order to create some of the structural elements, such as the masiq and several other bent beams.

The cockpit coamings are made from an old piece of OSB, generously laminated in epoxy.

The building process went in parallel and both of them were launched at the same time. They proved to be nimble, to track the same as a sea-kayak, but are slower. Both boats roll well and are fun to paddle. Their design was later developed into the Puffin, whose frame and general shape incorporates some refinements.

The boats are 3m long and 60cm wide. Each one of them scales roughly 12kg.

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