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Ira is the first classical boat we built. She can be rowed or sailed and she is entirely built from reclaimed wood. There were pallets, from which the transversal frames are built, some scaffold planks which formed the gunwales and some wood we used for the stringers, but I don’t remember where it was ripped from. The plywood used for the leeboards and the rudder was found in an abandoned shed.

skin on frame
skin on frame


It would have been a great bonus to find boards long enough to make the gunwales and the stringers, but no such luck stroke us. Therefore, all these are butt joined to length, which makes the frame look a bit frankensteinian.

Ira is covered in thick ballistic nylon.

It is a very stable boat, in which 4 people can comfortably ride when rowed and 2 or 3 when sailed. It is a tad heavy for a skin on frame, at over 50kgs, and a bit difficult to manipulate single handedly on the ground. It also exceeds the dimensions of a normal roof rack, as her maximum beam is 1.4m.

Ira was fun to build and it was more fun to source out the materials for her.

As with most of our boats, she received a very artistic livery.

She is 4.5m long and 1.4m wide.

skin on frame
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